Welcome the New Amdors!

Please welcome Kiri Renee Amdor and John Edward Amdor IV, born May 1, 2002.
Here are some quick scans of the first photos of the newborns. More to follow!
(Most recent photos are posted at the top of the page)

Kiri in her bouncer seatJohn in his bouncer seat
Here's Kiri and John helping us fold laundry. May 12, 2002

John in the carseat
Both babies like to travel...here's John in his carseat as we prepare for the twins' first visit to the pediatrician's office for a check-up. May 6, 2002

Kiri Renee and John Edward IV together in the bassinet
Kiri and John...after being together inside for so long, they prefer to be together outside as well!

Kristine, Kathryn, Kiri and John IV
Kristine with Kiri, and Kathryn with John

Big Sister Kathryn and Kiri ReneeBig Sister Kathryn and John Edward IV
Kathryn with Kiri Renee and John Edward IV, May 3, 2002

Kiri Renee, John Edward IV and me
Our two new bundles of joy!

Mom holding John Edward IV for the first time
Maria gets to hold son John Edward IV for the first time

Kiri Renee, after her first bath
Kiri Renee, bathed and diapered for the first time

Grandma Joyce and John Edward IV
Grandma Joyce holds her newest grandson, 20 minute old John Edward IV

Big sister Kristine and Kiri Renee
Kiri Renee (about 20 minutes old) meets her big sister Kristine for the first time.

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